3rd mini-symposium on Computations, Brains and Machines

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Date: 2016/03/17(Thu) 13:30 -17:00
Venue: 1F Seminar Room, BSI Central Building

Brain does amazingly efficient computation over big and complex information, while modern neuroscience itself often requires such computations for analyzing the data, to address mysteries of brain. To gain the insights for uncovering the superb neuro-computational principles and intelligence, the series of this mini-symposium is intended to discuss better computations and greater mathematical principles in a wider perspective, not only in theoretical neuroscience but also in machine learning and statistical-information sciences. This time, four eminent speakers will introduce us to cutting-edge works to face such challenges in their own disciplines.

Dr. Yoshimasa Tsuruoka (The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Mahito Sugiyama (Osaka University)
Dr. Makoto Yokoo (Kyushu University)
Dr. Tetsuya Ogata (Waseda University)

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