5th Mini-Symposium on Cognition, Decision-making and Social Function: In Memory of Kang Cheng

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Date: 2017/07/19(Wed) 13:30 -17:30
Venue: 1F Seminar Room, BSI Central Building

The brain is amazing. I have been organizing this mini-symposium series to facilitate discussions on new perspectives for understanding higher brain functions including cognition, decision-making, emotion, and social function. This time, in memory of Kang Cheng, our admired friend and colleague, I asked speakers who once worked closely with Kang Cheng to present their ongoing work.

Dr. Xiaohong Wan (Beijing Normal University)
Dr. Pei Sun (Tsinghua University)
Dr. Masataka Watanabe (The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Mauro Costagli (IMAGO7 Research Center)
Dr. Ichiro Kuriki (Tohoku University)
Dr. Hiroyuki Nakahara (RIKEN)
Dr. Justin L. Gardner (Stanford University)

Program and Abstract (PDF)

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